impakt: one-stop app for any grassroots and labor cause

The Change Agent team is working on Impakt, an app framework that is a one-stop shop for any grassroots cause. It will help your supporters find each other, organize, convince their friends to get involved and stay safe from overreach and violence. We're bringing together some great makers and thinkers from the hacker world and the world of progressive politics to make it happen.

  • the change agent labs

    Dr Eva Infeld designer and CEO

    Mathematician, hacker, university lecturer, and security and privacy consultant. She taught at some of the world's best universities and is a designer of network infrastructure, cryptocurrency protocols and educational games.

    Eva received her PhD from Dartmouth in probabilistic combinatorics and is a graduate of University of Cambridge and London School of Economics. She has extensive experience of grassroots campaigning in both USA and Poland, and is an expert on the operational and security threats faced by NGOs, labor and activist groups. It is that exposure to logistical hurdles and threats that gave birth to the earliest visions of Impakt.

  • the change agent labs

    bartosz owczarek backend developer and CTO

    After a decade of delivering backend and middleware solutions at major technology corporations, Bartosz has decided to combine his work experience with his passion for grassroots organising.

    In addition to being a telecommunications specialist, he is a gifted coordinator who has led both large corporate projects and the logistics of social movements. Change Agent couldn't hope for a better technical lead to ensure smooth development.

  • the change agent labs

    anna olchowik full stack developer

    Anna is a software developer with diverse experience, which includes a medical AI startup RowAnalytics, 5 years of experience in game development and several years as a bioinformatics research fellow at International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IIMCB) in Warsaw.

    She is also a former lecturer at Poland’s first programming bootcamp, as well as a university-level educator. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh.

  • the change agent labs

    jan zygmuntowski business lead

    Jan is a progressive enterpreneur and economist specializing in digital economy and sustainability. He is the chairman of the board of the Instrat Foundation, and a formerly analyst at the Polish Development Fund.

    He's written on social and economic issues for leading Polish opinion and business media. He advises and supports a number of tech projects with positive social impact. He's a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and a G20 Global Solutions fellow.

  • the change agent labs

    barbara kłosowska front end developer

    Barbara is a React Native ninja who is usually brought on by big-budget projects to save the development that's falling behind. With Change Agent Labs, she is following her heart.